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TheChippaMadeThis Podcasts

May 12, 2022

!!! FIRESIDE CHAT #3 !!!
This podcast is an interview style show where each episode will have a different person(s) with a different interesting story, job, thing to plug, etc. Depending on how things go I may get people in local bands, businesses, who knows!
Chippa is joined by Alex Newman, one of the hosts of the GOBLIN LORE Podcast.  Alex and his cohost, Hobbes, discuss Magic:  The Gathering from a perspective that compares story themes, etc. with real world events and issues.  A common topic of their show is Mental Health Awareness and, since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to have a FIRESIDE CHAT!
For general Mental Health the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has great resources for people struggling with mental health concerns as well as their families. We also want to draw attention to this article on stigma from NAMI's site.

If you’re thinking about suicide or just need someone to talk to right now, you can get support from any of the resources below.


You can find the hosts on Twitter: Hobbes Q. at @HobbesQ, and Alex Newman at @Mel_Chronicler. Send questions, comments, thoughts, hopes, and dreams to @GoblinLorePod on Twitter or