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TheChippaMadeThis Podcasts

ThisMadeTheChippa - Episode #2 - 1985

Sep 19, 2020

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Yes, that's Chris DeMakes from Less Than Jake singing the theme song. They are my favorite band and I am so psyched at how great this song came out!!!

"This Made The Chippa" is the new show from Chris Chipman (aka TheChippa of TheChippaMadeThis). I was inspired by some fill-in work I did for my brother, MovieBob, on the Escapist and decided to make my own web show.

If you are already a fan of my podcasts, etc. then you know "TheChippaMadeThis". But, what made TheChippa? Join me in this new series where I go through every year of my life and discuss events and films from each of those years through the lens of the person I am today.

Let me take you on a ride, the ride of my life!

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Theme Song by: Chris DeMakes

Edited by: Seth Decker