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TheChippaMadeThis Podcasts

Mar 23, 2021

I worked at Blockbuster Video for almost 10 years, starting in 2001 (I was 17). The memories I made and friends I met there are some of the best of my life. On the Talkbuster Podcast I will discuss some of these memories with the coworkers and friends I shared them with. Hopefully you will find it as interesting to listen to as we did living it.
As you may know from listening to this show, Kevin Smith's debut film CLERKS (and his subsequent films) were a very important part of my time at Blockbuster.  Even to this day, it's rare that you can put any two of us in a room together without a Clerks reference being uttered.  So it's fitting that I would eventually be speaking to someone related to that film on this show at some point!

This episodes guest kept trying to convince me to buy some gum under the guise that it would better me health-wise, but I soon realized he was a representative for CHEWLIES GUM and was only in it for financial gain!

That's right, this episode I am joined by SCOTT SCHIAFFO, the actor who portrayed the CHEWLIES GUM GUY in CLERKS!  One of the most memorable scenes in a film FULL of memorable scenes.

Scott and I discuss when he first landed the role in Clerks, rehearsing scenes at RST Video while scenes were being filmed next door at The Quick Stop, how obvious Kevin's vision was after first meeting him and MANY more interesting topics.  We also discuss Scott's career as am Actor and Musician post-clerks!

Thank you for making it a Talkbuster night, or day, or whenever you are listening.  Please BE KIND, REWIND.

Scott's Book:  "Vicious Dogs Attack Me In Sleepless Nights Of Summer: a collection of prose, tales, and streams of semi-consciousness"

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