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TheChippaMadeThis Podcasts

Mar 31, 2020

This podcast is an interview style show where each episode will have a different person(s) with a different interesting story, job, thing to plug, etc. Depending on how things go I may get people in local bands, businesses, who knows!
On this episode Chippa is joined once again by Mark Gaydosh. 
Mark and Chippa are trying something new here.  Mark has become the resident "we talk about music" guest, so I came up with an idea.  We each have selected an album for the other to listen to and discuss their favorite songs off each.  We then do a top albums of the decade list as well.
Chippa's Selection:  "Warning" by Green Day - 2003
Mark's Selection:  "Only Revolutions" by Biffy Clyro - 2009
Twitter:  @WalkWithMeGame