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TheChippaMadeThis Podcasts

Jan 16, 2021

Bob and Chris Chipman get serious for a moment and talk about Chris' friend who had a stroke and is currently in Rehab.  They then discuss Chris' Engineering Career a bit and move on to "light hearted conversations" about the Capitol Insurrection and Impeachment #2:  Electric Boogaloo!  Then they move on to geeky...

Jan 12, 2021

This podcast is an interview style show where each episode will have a different person(s) with a different interesting story, job, thing to plug, etc. Depending on how things go I may get people in local bands, businesses, who knows!

On this episode, Chippa is honored to be joined by Matt aka Stormageddon!

Matt is a...

Jan 7, 2021

Jake Fay - The Process - Lynn, MA Film

Chippa is honored to be SHOOTING THE SHIT with Jake Fay, Writer and Director of THE PROCESS!
The Process is a movie written about, taking place and filmed in Lynn, MA (my home town and current residence).
Sindile and his two best friends push the limits of their patience while...

Jan 6, 2021

!!! This is episode #50 !!!
Thank you all for coming along with us on 50 TANGENTS!!!  Here's to many more!
Bob and Chris Chipman discuss how we will no longer have a Fascist President in 15 DAYS!!!
We only discuss Michael Keaton reprising his role as BATMAN, Flashpoint, The Creepshow...

Jan 2, 2021

- Salem Horror Fest 2020 -
Chippa is honored to be SHOOTING THE SHIT with Leslie Rivera, Writer / Director / Star of Papi Ramirez Vs. Giant Scorpions!
The film played Salem Horror Fest 2020 back in October and has received many accolades and awards since then.
Les and Chippa discuss how Papi Ramirez came to be...